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Our Philosophy

In H&B Incense, we have a different concept of trade relations. We understand, above all, they must be fair and affect other people and disadvantaged communities. Therefore 5% of the profits go to an NGO, RIGHTS FOR THE DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN IN INDIA, registered in Madrid on the National Register of Associations with number 592888. Their business name is Childsrights and works mainly in Jaipur (India) with children who have been rescued from the streets. A humble project that live closely and offers these children a family environment, school education, health care and much love. Currently is responsible for over 50 children and is working on a new project to assist and provide jobs for young people once trained in their studies.

We have been concerned to establish the basis of fair and honest business relationships ensuring that the environment is respected in the collection process, no child labor is used in factories and workers get a decent and appropriate wage.

No less important is for us the final user, which is the last reason that H&B has worked with such enthusiasm. As a result, we can offer our clients a healthy, free of toxic substances incense and also provide them the benefits contained in plants and resins of our fragrances.

Finally, we are aware and in favor of creating a new economy based on cooperation, honesty and service to the people, so we have sought the formula to provide the best possible product and have adjusted their prices as much as it has been possible in order to offer a product of the highest quality at a very competitive price that is affordable for all.