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H&B - The incense that looks after your health

H&B Incense is a Spanish company based in Alforja (Tarragona), specialized in natural incense, that was born in 2011 with the premise of providing an incense free of chemicals. Currently the incense is an upward product and on its manufacturing some toxic agents for health are used, such as the diethyl sulphate: a carcinogenic solvent, benzoic acid: a chemical preservative and nerolin bromeliad: a fastener based flavor chemicals. This is the main reason that has motivated H&B Incense to undertake a project to provide a product that respects the environment and where prime health of people to excessive desire for profit prevailing today.

H&B Incenses

H&B incense mix the quality of Japanese incense with the most intense and characteristic aromas of India. The incense is manufactured by a modest family business productions, allowing the use of natural products after chemical oils used by large manufacturers to emulate aromas. These differences are clearly visible in the quality and fidelity of the original flavors, as well as the very health of the consumer; as this is not breathing any chemical compound.

Fabricación de Incienso

The manufacturing process

First of all species, aromatic woods, natural resins, herbs and plants to be used are harvested. Then flowers, stems, leaves and roots are separated as the part that is meant to be used. Once the drying process is finished it is grinded to a fine powder. This powder mixtures are made to achieve the desired fragrance and natural resins and charcoal extracted from the coconut husk is added. With this paste bamboo sticks are rolled. Once it has been shaped, dried in the sun for several months (the time varies depending on humidity and temperature). Once the paste has dried, they are ready to package.

All the manufacturing process is performed by hand.