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Privacy Policy

According to the 15/1999 of 13 December  on Data Protection Act (DPA), Incense Haidakhan Babaji advises that when completing the forms on the website www.incienso-natural.comthe client allows the entry and processing of personal data in the file owned by Haidakhan Babaji Incense and is duly registered with the Spanish data Protection Agency.


The purpose of the collection and processing of data is to facilitate the management and processing of orders and send business entrusted information.


Visitors of incienso-incense.com have the opportunity to register in order to receive news and information.


To make your shoppings in incienso-incense.com or access certain services, you must register and choose a password which enables you to access all areas that require prior identification.


The information provided in the order form is used only to process your order quickly and appropriately. This information will not be sold to third parties .


Customers in incienso-incense.com have the rights to access this information, rectify it if the details are incorrect and unsubscribe by writing to customer service department at: info@incienso-natural.com


Amendments to this Privacy Policy:

Babaji Haidakhan Incense reserves the right to amend this policy to adapt to future legislative or case law, as well as industry practices by informing previously the users of the changes that occur in it.